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Welcome To Our Summer 2017 Edition!

It's Summer! Are you ready?

How are you feeling about the summer holidays? Excited? Looking forward to spending some time with your children? Or are you dreading how you are going to fill the next 7 weeks with your charges?

Whatever the answer, I hope Me Too! can be a valuable resource to you over the holidays, whether referring to the diary pages to see what is on or looking through our 7 weeks of Summer article for some inspiration on the more "challenging" days!

In this edition, I am excited to share with you our interview with Fraser Bain of Aberdeen International Airport as he reveals their plans on how they are to become more accessible and how Me Too! sits within these plans.

I am also delighted to welcome back Accessible Surf School this summer in partnership with SurfABILITY Scotland on the 12th and 13th August at Aberdeen Beach.  Details of how to book are on the back cover of the magazine.

Me Too! also welcomes back Girl With The Curly Hair for some more workshops in the early Autumn (when you get that "back-to-school" feeling).  Details are on page 20 of the magazine and I encourage you to book early as spaces are very limited and often fill up very quickly.

Finally, if you have just picked up or received our magazine, or found our website for the first time, then welcome!  As well as the local stockists Me Too! is also available from your school (Aberdeen City and Shire) however you must ask for your copy - so to continue to enjoy future editions, please let your school administrator know.

Whatever your plans are for this Summer holidays, I hope the good days are long and sunny for you and the more challenging days are short and few!

Till Next Time…..


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For Children with Additional Support Needs in Aberdeen City