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It's Christmas Time!  I cannot believe how fast this year has gone at Me Too!  So much has been achieved this year, but there is still much more to be done!

In the Winter edition of the magazine, we have been able to take the holiday advice offered by parents and produce the 10 Do's of Christmas and I hope you find some of the tips useful.  In addition, make sure you are sitting down with your favourite drink to enjoy our wonderful article by John Williams and his experience of Christmas with "The Boy"!  It was also to great excitement here at Me Too! that I got to interview Santa Claus for the magazine and I hope you may be able to share some of his answers with your cared for.

We have listened to your feedback and many of you are looking to be able to subscribe to Me Too! and be able to support our work.  I am very excited to launch "Friends of Me Too!" and details of this are on the back cover of the magazine.  I am also thrilled to share with you the launch of "Me Too and You!", our parent/carer meets with our wonderful Ninja, Kim.  I am certainly looking forward to dropping in to a few of them because, as many of you know, I do like coffee!

We are also delighted to be hosting Sensory Discos in Aberdeen for 2018.  This is in partnership with Sounds, Lights, Sensory - details to follow!

There are many other projects in the pipeline for 2018 and as I start to write them onto the 2018 year planner, it is with great excitement I see Me Too! grow, both as a magazine and as a charity organisation.  This only happens with others coming alongside us to help either with time, fundraising or projects.  Special thanks in this quarter to local band Winston Smith who put together an amazing evening at The Albyn, and Bon Accord Lions for their wonderful tea party at Hazlehead Park.  Also to Sara McQuillan Farrell who asked guests to donage in lieu of gifts at her birthday party - all these donations make a HUGE difference to us - THANK YOU!

As I look out the window I can see it's starting to get dark (it's 3.30pm) and I am thinking of lighting the fire already and popping the kettle on before the boys arrive back and the carnage begins.

Regardless of how these holidays may look to you, I do hope they are full of fun, laughter and friends.  If you are thinking about any resolutions you have for 2018 perhaps getting along to one of our Relaxed Sessions or meets could be on your list?  They are great to come along to and a wonderful way to meet others experiencing the same as you.

Till Next Time…..


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For Children with Additional Support Needs in Aberdeen City