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Welcome To Our Autumn Edition!

It’s been another busy Summer at Me Too! I have so much exciting news to share with you all.

Thanks to everyone’s votes, I am delighted that Me Too! has been selected as Sainsbury’s Garthdee Charity of The Year and look forward to a great partnership over the next 12 months.

As Me Too! grows, we now also have a Me Too! Minecraft Club in addition to our monthly Me Too! Club – see further details on p??? 

We are also, in partnership with Diabetes UK, hosting a fundraising ceilidh on 28th October and it would be wonderful if you could have the night off and come join us for a night of Scottish fun! 

If you are looking to make some pennies yourself towards Christmas AND support Me Too! as well as other local charities, check out Five2Fifteen Sales – details on p??.  If that sounds like too much hassle and you still need to de-clutter, we would be delighted to receive donations at The Charity Shop in George Street which Me Too! has for 1 week only from 28th November your donations would be gratefully received.  

For those of you lucky enough to get away for the October break, Aberdeen Airport has a fantastic article on how accessible the airport is and how you can access their services.  This, coupled with the parent to parent on how to manage travelling and holidays should give you some tips and ideas to try with our children.

As the leaves start to fall and the weather turns chillier, I hope you can take this time to cosy up on the sofa with this edition and are able to find some events and activities that you may be able to participate in, because for our children it’s about Me Too!

Till Next Time…..


STOP PRESS – I’m A Teacher Get Me Out Of Here!  This is going to be amazing!  See details on the back page and keep updated on Facebook

not so scary halloween close model window

For Children with Additional Support Needs in Aberdeen City