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Welcome To Our Autumn 2017 Edition!

Did you all survive the Summer?

It's been a busy Summer here at Me Too!, we had the wonderful surprise of winning this year's Elevator Award for Social Enterprise of the Year - it was a great night, the morning after, not so much so!

This award was right on the back of hosting our very first Me Too! Show and Awards, a two-day event held at RGU Aberdeen to connect parent/carers, professionals and organisations in one place.  You can read more about it in the magazine on page 25.

We are delighted to be able to strengthen and develop our relationships with local organisations who are connecting with us and embracing our 'Relaxed Sessions', our latest being with Jump In Trampoline Park and Engage Gaming.  Welcome Aboard!  Looking forward to working alongside you to make venues and sessions more accessible for everyone.

Our work cannot continue without the support of people who chose to fundraise for Me Too! and we are so grateful to our supporters who have fundraised of late, including a batch of Kiltwalkers and runners in the first Great Aberdeen Run - thank you so much!

As the nights start to draw in and I feel the desire to start lighting the fire more frequently it's time to start thinking about Halloween and Guy Fawkes.  If you are still looking for suitable activities for the October holidays, Lisa, our Club Ninja has done the most fantastic job of putting together a great holiday programme - details of the activities and how to book are on page 28 of the magazine and on our Facebook page.

If you are looking for an alternative Halloween event - our popular Not Too Spooky Halloween Party regularly sells out as we keep number restricted.  Details of how to book are on the back page of the magazine and on our Facebook page - it would be lovely to see you there.

Whatever plans you have and whatever you choose to do, I hope your October break has opportunities to make memories with your children and enjoy them for just being them.

Till Next Time…..


not so scary halloween close model window

For Children with Additional Support Needs in Aberdeen City